Swimming Pool and Landscape Design

At CCS Pool and Landscape, we strive to understand our clients' goals, and work together to create exceptional swimming pool and landscape designs and installations.

Our experienced designers help navigate clients from the basic elements of pool and landscape layout right through to the fine details and features to create the perfect outdoor living space.

With the use of modern technology, we can create a rendering of your pool and landscape project to help bridge the gap between concept and reality!

Our Landscape Design Process

A glimpse into our Creative and Responsive Approach...

You may have flipped through a magazine, or spent some time browsing the internet on Pinterest looking for ideas on how to create the outdoor oasis you've only ever dreamed of. Our landscape and swimming pool design team's first priority is making that vision a reality.

Step 1 - Getting Started

This is the start of how we can create the oasis you've only ever dreamed of.

Upon initial contact we will answer any questions you may have regarding CCS Pool & Landscape, our processes and services, and provide you with details on design packages or obtaining a landscape quotation.

We then schedule an in-home consultation to start your landscape design that works within your schedule!

Step 2 - In-Home Consultation and Your Ideas & Imagery

At our initial meeting, our landscape designers will review things in your yard such as slopes, drainage swales, fencing, obstacles and any existing features or existing landscapes.

We take into account all the activities, kids playing, sports, cooking and bar areas, entertainment, social areas and show pieces. Then we note the property attributes both good and bad, all your likes, loves, needs and dislikes- which we can later combine with your construction budget and construction phases.

At this initial site meeting we ask for any and all of your aspirations and any images you may have collected. If you are looking at a pool whether fiberglass or vinyl liner we would go over different shapes and styles and the benefits of each. Our design team works on your behalf - this is your project!

Step 3 - Design and Drawing Prep

We then take all of your input, wishes, pool installation and equipment considerations as well as your landscape inspirations. We combine these factoring in local zoning requirements to create a preliminary drawing for you! We forward this plan off to you for review and for any potential revisions you may want.

Step 4 - Quotation

We then can take your design and provide you with a construction estimate, where our elite team of fine landscapers, veteran pool installers and expert craftsman can turn your dream into a reality. But don't stress, we are known as a one stop shop offering a full turn key service providing you piece of mind with our firm for your outdoor oasis!

Why should you hire a swimming pool landscape designer?

Having a fully detailed and scaled swimming pool or landscape design will not only save you time, it will also save you money!

Landscaping and in-ground swimming pool installations can be substantial projects and planning will help ensure you walk away with the outdoor living space you are looking for. Our swimming pool and landscape design team understands not only the visual aspect of design but also the complexities of construction, proper grading and site retention, and quality materials selections for your pool and patio spaces. Our professional landscape and swimming pool design team will guide you through a detailed design process where you will be able to carefully make most decisions before any construction begins, while educating you as much as possible throughout the entire process. Our landscape design team strives to ensure your property is a direct reflection of your personal tastes, addressing all usable space as well as striving for practicality for your unique lifestyle, budget, privacy and safety standards, in additional to any number of other nuances.

Our design process can even allow you to easily compare quotes as well as have the choice to implement your project in stages.

Our team has an extensive background in design and build applications, and our goal is to implement a personalized plan that is centred around what is most important to you and your family.

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