Steel and Vinyl Liner

Steel and vinyl lined pools are the most common in-ground pool today. They are built using a galvanized steel system of various sizes and shapes. We install our steel and vinyl liner with a two-stage concrete bottom. The first layer is a structural outdoor concrete capable of holding the weight of the water and has the strength to lock the system together. The second layer is a hand-troweled smooth mix grout to provide a perfect smooth finish for the liner to rest against. We then back-fill with a clear stone gravel to eliminate any ground water from the surround. We offer a wide variety of liner colours and patterns from the leading liner manufacturer.

Steel and vinyl liner pools are typically the least expensive and are customizable to a certain degree. Our team of pool builders can add things like vinyl over walk in stairs, splash pads, infinity edges, tanning ledges, and customized shapes and depths. Coupled with an exquisite landscape installation, we are certain we can create a backyard oasis you'll never want to leave.

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