When Your Pool Needs Repairs

Pool repairs and restorations

At CCS Pool and Landscape we offer a variety of pool repair services. Whether you have been religious about preventative maintenance for your swimming pool, or perhaps have a pool that could have used a little more love and care over the years, all pools in Barrie and other parts of Ontario are subjected to harsh weather conditions and most will eventually require some type of repair work to avoid the higher expense of a full pool restoration or renovation project.

Is your pool losing water?

While some evaporation is to be expected, especially during a stretch of hot temperatures or periods of heavy use where water is being splashed and carried out of the pool, significant water loss may be a cause for concern and should be monitored and investigated. We often get calls from customers in Barrie, Innisfil and surrounding communities, that do not understand why they have to fill their pool so often. Our trained technicians can often find the source of a leak in a simple service call or leak detection appointment. Whether the pool is losing water due to a faulty or dated piece of equipment, a crack in a plumbing line or a tear in your pool liner, plumbing leak detection and pool liner repairs completed early, are a small cost when compared to restoration services for a pool that has not been properly maintained over time.

Concrete pool repairs

If you own a concrete pool, you may go as long as 25-30 years or more before noticing signs of deterioration or needing to be updated. Some of the pools we have refurbished here in Barrie are more than 50 years old! With concrete it is important to inspect your pool regularly for signs of deterioration, If your coping is pulling away or your tile shows signs it is beginning to break down or if cracks appear in your concrete, contracting with a pool restoration and repair service early could add years to the lifespan of your concrete pool.

What to look for in a pool repair contractor

When repairs are required, it is important to look for a pool renovation or repair company that has experience with your type of pool, as vinyl pool companies may not have experience with fiberglass pool repair, or concrete pool repair, and vice versa. CCS Pool and Landscape installs and repairs concrete pools, vinyl liner pools, and fiberglass pools, and has technicians with specialty training in fiberglass pool detailing and repair work.

Whatever your pool and landscape repair needs may be, feel free to contact us for friendly advice from your local pool professionals.

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