Company History

CCS was established with a vision to transform outdoor spaces into personal retreats. CCS pool and landscape has a rich history in the pool and landscape industry, being one of the pioneers in the fiberglass pool installations, giving us a unbiased opinion as we are professionals installers in all types of pools. The journey began in 2005 with a passion for the pool and landscape industry and the ability to design, build and create distinctive backyard retreats that inspire. Over the years CCS has become a leading pool and landscape design company, pushing the boundaries of creativity and functionality. From our early projects that set the foundation for our expertise to the multitude of awards, and successful transformations, each project reflects our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and client satisfaction. In our pursuit of excellence, CCS Pool and Landscape has garnered a reputation for turning dreams into reality. Our history is not just a timeline of projects but a testament to the enduring relationships we have cultivated with clients who trust us to bring their visions to life. As we look back on our journey, we take pride in the milestones we've achieved and eagerly anticipate the opportunities to create more stunning outdoor retreats in the future. At CCS, our history fuels our passion, driving us to continue crafting extraordinary landscapes that stand as testaments to the enduring beauty of outdoor spaces.

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